Technical requirements


The Days (This rider is an appendix to the contract and/or deal memo) Contact Kalle Ropponen
,, - 358 40 535 9739

TOURING PARTIES The touring party consists of up to 4 people: 2 x Main Cast. 
 1 x Lighting Technician. 
 1 x 1 x Production Manager. 

SHOW RUNNING TIME The total running time is approximately 50 minutes with no interval.

FLOOR & SEATING PLAN Audience seats are built in two or more rows around the square formed dance floor. The first row may be cushions placed on floor in front of the seats, from the second row onwards on seats. Approximately 100-130 seats or more (depending the needs of the venue)

STAGE The work can be performed in conventional black-box theatre and gallery spaces. The work needs a fairly large, dimmed and silent space around it, but otherwise stage can be ”naked” without wings.

The minimum stage dimensions: 9x9 including the seating.

Dance floor a chlorine white Marley 8m x 8m. The Days can not be performed on concrete or any raked stage. 

LIGHTS The crew will bring following lighting equipment with: Two ”umbrella” diffusion studio lights, which are placed in two opposite corners of the Marley. They need direct power (220v) and dmx cable.

The crew would need from the venue: A LED head wash light opening angle covering a mat 8m x 8m. Rigged centrally in relation to the dance marley to the ceiling.

The LED can be replaced by two conventional ones with a Fresnel, one with a Lee 201 film and the other open white.

Light console: lights described above operated by the console placed near the audience seating.

SOUND PA of the venue available

LOAD-IN AND SETUP SCHEDULE Load in: Technical time on stage about 2 hours. Company warm up time on stage 1 hours. Technical run through on stage 50 min.
 Reset for show 30 min. Company warm up on stage.
 Sweep and mop stage 45 min.

LOAD OUT Load out time approx 1,5 hour

BACKSTAGE FACILITIES Dressing rooms for performers.